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Neem Cake Powder 800gm

Neem Cake Powder 800gm

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🌿 Neem Cake Garden Booster 🌻

  • 🌱 Natural and organic fertilizer
  • πŸ› Effective pest repellent with azadirachtin
  • 🌾 Rich in essential nutrients (N, P, K, and micro-nutrients)
  • 🌍 Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • ✨ Improves soil fertility and structure
  • πŸ’§ Enhances water retention and aeration
  • 🌿 Safe for organic gardening

Usage Method:

  1. 🌿 Soil Amendment: Mix 1-2 kg of neem cake per 100 square feet of garden soil before planting.
  2. 🌱 Top Dressing: Apply 100-200 grams around each plant and gently work into the soil, then water well.
  3. πŸƒ Compost Addition: Add neem cake to your compost pile to boost nutrient content and aid decomposition.
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